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Coffee review: Moccahaus ‘Dark 100% Arabica’

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The ‘Moccahaus’ in Münster Germany, is a quiet coffee shop sitting right next to a fancily dressed up and usually crowded bakery. *) It sometimes looks as if the stream of bakery customers do not notice that they are close to good coffee on the right hand side and uninspired and chemical-laden baked goods on the left hand side, both at the same time. Whenever I approach the two shops, I keep humming “Turn right, turn right, not left, not left”. It is true, the seducing scents of freshly baked rolls, always spark more interest than a humble shop selling coffee blends, tea and chocolate.

The Moccahaus has been roasting its own coffee for years and I think their ‘Dark 100% Arabica” is their best blend. The beans are poured into a sturdy brown paper bag on a big old-fashioned looking scale. As perhaps visible on the picture below, it’s a dark roast. Probably the darkest I have come across. When the beans get roasted like that which is probably a walk on the tightrope they start to sweat oil heavily. They stick to your palm when you dump the handful back into the bag.

The smell of the fresh beans is intense. The aromas of leather and tobacco without the slightest fruitiness is abundant, reminding me of the smell of pinewood inlays of cigar humidors. When ground to a fine powder, this coffee as dark as the beans, nearly pitch black. It is velvety to the touch and a bitterness can be detected in the aroma.

Pulled as espresso shot into a heated cup, one thing is sure: This stuff means serious business. The crema is thin but what the hell, as the smell of the hot black liquid dance under my nostrils, I feel a little nervous about gulping it down. So sip by sip, like an explosion in slow-motion, the mouth is scented with a chocolaty coffee flavor. No acidity, just a dry whiplash. Yet another good example of an espresso with humble crema but with monster flavor. Also one of the best coffees to have as cappuccino.

At least 4.5 out of 5 sleepless caffeine nights. (Coffee machine used: Gaggia ‘Classic Coffee’, Grinder: Gaggia MDF)

rothenburg 53
48143 münster, germany
telephone +49 251 46094

*) The author of this blog has no explanation for the large crowds around and inside this bakery and is suspicious of any businesses that make their employees wear funny hats


Written by theinversecook

26 July 2009 at 21:09

2 Responses

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  1. Hi Nils!

    Are you as hard to please as this guy?

    One of my favourite movies!!

    Hans Joakim

    29 July 2009 at 10:54

    • What the…?? did you see how he let those people get away with that crappy espresso? I can’t believe it.

      Always wanted to see that movie.


      29 July 2009 at 13:43

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