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Simple and useful calculation

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Last night on TV they showed a documentary about the German championships of young bakers at the Academy of German baking in Weinheim.

The rolls looked a bit uninspired – simple ‘Schnittbrötchen’ and knots and braids rolled in poppy seeds or sesame. The breads looked excellent but probably had quite bit of malt in them.

One judge was pacing from contestant to contestant. In his hand was a thermometer. He asked the young baker what temperature his dough should have. ‘Twenty-eight degrees’. The judge stuck the probe into the dough and it was exactly 28°C. How did the baker do it?

‘Desired temperature times two minus the flour temperature equals the temperature of the liquid’

Handy little formula.

P.S. Just noticed that baker Süpke gave this tip long ago on his blog :-)


Written by theinversecook

2 April 2009 at 18:30

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