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Top things I’m tired of hearing

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Top-5-Things I don’t want to hear from TV cooks anymore

5. “I am going show you how to make super perfect pesto.” (Anyone vaguely interested in food knows how to make pesto by now. Your version will not be the ultimate just because you put lemon juice, butter or parsley into it. It’s gotten a little better, but there are still too many cooks getting excited over it on TV. For the 1000th time.)
4. “As a special treat for you, I will be making rosemary potatoes!” (See 5.)
3. “I’m putting the steak into the hot pan to close the pores.” (The sealing of a piece of meat by heat has in fact nothing to do with pores closing up. Louis Camille Maillard agrees.)
2. “Never mix salt and yeast. It will kill the yeast.” (A myth anyone can falsify at home, if he or she wishes to.)
1. “I’ve scraped out the seeds from this chili, so it won’t be as hot.” (That myth can also be easily destroyed. Bite on some chile seeds.)

And Top-1 things I don’t want to hear at the café anymore

1. “Would you like your cappuccino with milk or cream?”

Really, I don’t care. Just serve me the damn thing with cream. By the way, can you recommend a good café in the vicinity?

And current favorite not food-related “Zzzzz…..”-news-headline: “Restricted internet access in China.”

Written by theinversecook

8 August 2008 at 14:35

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