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A raisin boule dedicated to Bloch (hardly knew ya)

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Browsing the site of legendary bakery “Bloch” (Ghent, Belgium), which had to close after 110 years of business, I am wondering if they will manage to put all the recipes up on their site as reported by “ladiesfromneptune” (Link to the blog entry). The sinister news of Bloch’s closure sparked quite a few reactions, some of them posted here.

The bakery’s website offers a bonanza of pictures, including bakers and patissiers at work and their breads and pastries. Over the last days more recipes have been added to the collection and I hope many more are still to come.

This boule I baked was inspired by the “Boerenjongen met krenten” – including whey, a little butter and raisins. “Inspired”, because I probably would have been disinclined to use these ingredients had I not stumbled upon this recipe. Very flavorful and good just with butter and sugar. Next time, it will be the original recipe. I was rather keen on adding a little levain to my bread, since I have a nice and healthy sourdough going at the moment.

Raisin Boule

  • 120g strong white flour
  • 80g whole-wheat flour
  • 50g levain, hydration: 100%
  • 80g water
  • 50g whey
  • 5g butter
  • 2g fresh yeast
  • 4g sea salt
  • 125g raisins or currants

Bulk Fermentation: 1 hour.
Shaping: Round. Proof seam-side down.
Final Fermentation: 1 hour.
Slashing: Slash crosswise, then dust with rye flour.
Bake-Off: Bake for 15 minutes at 210°C and fur forther 20 minutes at 190°C. No steam to retain the dustiness of the flour on top.


Written by theinversecook

29 April 2008 at 20:15

12 Responses

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  1. Hello from Scotland,

    I was very sad when in Gent once again this Summer to discover my favourite tea-rooms closed.

    Often over the winter months thuinking of summer in Gent to look forward to and many pleasant afternoons in Bloch, alas no more.

    Iain Hunter

    5 October 2008 at 17:41

  2. Hello Iain,
    quite a disheartening thing to observe. Perhaps Bloch’s recipes will prevail on the internet, so at least one little part of this bakery is still there. Regards, Nils


    6 October 2008 at 12:47

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