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Time for bread again

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This blog has been on vacation, its author hasn’t. He has been health-fasting for a week and is now adapting to food again. There was no medical indication for me to stop eating for seven days, but a lot of people praised the merits of fasting. I gave it a try thinking “Seven days is nothing”. Apart from losing about one pound a day, I am not witnessing substantial improvements. But it was interesting to see that it works. The worst thing are the first two days. I had severe headaches akin to migraine, and the effect of the strong laxatives taken on the first day to clean the bowels, resulted in about five Kafkaesque sittings on the loo. I might as well spare you the details, but as you know, Kafka wrote long-winded sentences.

The first bite of bread after the week had ended, was impressive. There was an explosion of flavors in my mouth, accompanied by euphoria about bread. And that was store-bought whole-wheat Toast Bread! It reconnected me to mother earth. I was on my way to being human again.

All that fasting did not keep me from browsing the net, drooling over stuff about bread. Check out this short video report about an Italian baker. There is also a video about Pane Toscano.

I added an ““About”-page to this blog to the link sidebar.

Time to bake some bread.


Written by theinversecook

16 September 2007 at 21:06

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